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01 December 08

Calling all Pirates to Merry Hill Island!

Westfield Merry Hill appointed Switch to produce their Christmas mailer campaign for the Westfield Kids Club.

The brief went something like this..."We're doing Pirates. We want to excite the kids. Give us a brilliant piece of creative. We want something that's more vibrant and dynamic than we've done before to make the kids (and Mum and Dad) want to come to Merry Hill - and stay within the budget we've been used to".

Our mailer concept was built around the Pirate theme already chosen for Merry Hill's 2008 Santa's Grotto and was used to launch the 'Westfield Kids' characters to club members for the first time. Our message, 'Calling all Pirates' was conceived to leverage all-important 'pester power' encouraging Mum and Dad to bring their little darlings to Merry Hill. A colouring competition with a fun prize collectable only from Merry Hill also worked a treat!

So, 'Merry Hill Island' and the Westfield Kids were born - our gang of exquisitely designed characters which are now in use guiding all club members and their parents to a host of wonderful treasures to behold throughout Westfield Merry Hill. In-store point-of-sale and supporting graphics helped to extend the theme into the shopping centre itself...even the staff dressed up as Pirates to welcome all Westfield Kids Club members to their Christmas shopping adventure.

The client was delighted and who knows in what guise the Westfield Kids will appear next. Watch this space.

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