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21 November 14

connect. compute. continue.

We helped put Platinum Computers on the web ten years ago. Things change.

Their services and expertise developed into other areas of connectivity and office management and their main focus on car dealership groups was widened to include more diverse industries. It seemed appropriate in 2011 to package and market these more dynamic services separately. We helped give birth to the Platinum Connect brand and website. Things change.

We were then presented with the challenge of bringing both divisions together, to end 2014 on a note of continuity. One great business under one brand delivering a portfolio of cutting edge products and services to a demanding and highly competitive customer base. We helped to rationalise the brand, package the services and build a nice new website to replace Platinum Computers and Platinum Connect..

But we don’t just throw replacement sites up...we do things properly. In this case, full management behind the scenes of customer hosted assets with partiuclar attention to detail on the secure transition of existing search equity whilst consolidating two sites into one.

Visit their new website at

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