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01 September 10

Soaking up Spontex

First a little history lesson in-case you've never heard of them. SPONTEX (a contraction of the words 'sponges' and 'textiles') was created in 1932.

Ever since the invention of the cellulose sponge, SPONTEX has been a leader in its two core businesses: wiping and scouring. Today, SPONTEX is the world's top producer of natural sponges, sponge cloths and cellulose scourers. SPONTEX are headquartered in Paris and market their products in more than 80 countries worldwide. These products are developed and produced by more than 3,300 employees based in 20 countries. And now, for the first time in the UK you can buy Spontex products direct from the company courtesy of a new ecommerce website designed and built by little-old Switch in Birmingham! Phase one of the project was to deliver a (creative) website which enabled the client to update product information themselves. The website featured Spontex's character icon Ernie. Most famous on YouTube for his procreating activities with scouring pads in continental TV commercials, Ernie's activities were toned-down somewhat for the UK consumer to become the voice of Spontex UK through its social media activities. The first phase also featured a neat product awareness tool to help the consumer identify which Spontex products worked best in various rooms of the average house. Phase one...bang tidy.

And now...Phase Two adds an ecommerce facility to the existing site.

Visit the site at

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