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01 August 09

Sticky, fruity and moist

Originally announced as a commission back in May, Soreen's new website is now live. Designed and built by Birmingham-based Switch, the new site reflects the fifty year old brand's desire to position itself as a fun and exciting energy food.

As well as being a showcase for the current (eight) varieties of Soreen, the new website invites consumers to engage more directly with the brand by sharing recipes (so far, 'spicy, malty pork quesadillas' has to take the biscuit!), photographs and their 'Soreen stories'. Further planned developments will enable the purchasing of Soreen branded goods as well as games and competitions.

Jon Hurley, Head of Digital at Switch says, “Soreen are investing wisely in their online activities and with good reason. Our research indicated a huge appreciation of the brand from lots of unconnected 'fans'. The website now enables those consumers to come together and share their fascination with the product. This, in-turn, provides the perfect platform for Soreen to promote new product and their promotional activities to the converted, as well as those consumers who may now feel they are able to come out of the closet! Online social networking is also playing a part in our activities to reach new customers and introduce them to Soreen's world.”

Richard Pope of Switch commented, “We're all thoroughly enjoying working with Soreen on this great project, but right now we're waiting see whether the Nation's favourite malt loaf is best enjoyed just buttered, maybe toasted with a dollop of ice cream or incorporated into salmon cakes with a herb dip!”

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