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Monty Percy

04 April 16

Teaching in Birmingham - Montgomery and Percy Schurmer Academies

For parents, choosing a school is sometimes simply about location but it’s often (and quite rightly) about pupil progression, the results the children achieve, the quality of teaching and the support given to every child. Look at any school’s website and you’ll see examples of best practice and great outcomes. You might see testimonials from pupils and parents, past and present, alongside inspection reports and  news about trips, sports and cake sales.

What you won’t always see is the school from the teachers point of view – what’s it like to work there; what are the opportunities for professional development and progression; what makes the school a great place to work?

Two full schools in the heart of Birmingham, struggling to recruit the next great teachers to continue their journey towards excellence, turned to Switch for help. The result, launched today, is a micro site that tells potential members of staff why both Montgomery and Percy Schurmer Academies are exactly the schools where they should be looking to develop their careers. With information about the school; links to find out about and apply for all roles and brought to life with brand new massaging and copy, still photography and testimonial videos, really is the gateway to a fantastic teaching career.


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