Proud to be one of the ‘family’.

The National Specialists Contractors’ Council (NSCC) provides advice and support to its members, ensuring that they are uniquely placed to deliver quality, best value and integrated solutions to their clients... just like Switch!


Our relationship with NSCC has spanned over eight years during which time we’ve become deeply embedded in the NSCC brand. A truly integrated account that has seen our own specialists deliver corporate identity, information literature, campaign brands like the award winning ‘Fair Payment Campaign’, robust websites and digital creative technology applications such as their bespoke Member Database.

We’re particularly proud of the journey we have shared with NSCC’s news channel. We were there at the birth and have enjoyed being part of Newsline’s growth into maturity. Over the years we have helped to develop it from a simple printed newsletter, through a number of web-based manifestations and now into a sophisticated CMS managed online news portal that updates and broadcasts in real-time delivering up-to-the-minute news, opinion and observation to its audience. Click here to see what a good job we’ve done!

NSCC also acts as secretariat for several other Trade Associations, all of which have received Switch TLC. From brand alignment and refresh, to sophisticated, efficient and resilient website design, development and deployment, Switch works in harmony with the NSCC team to ensure information, advice and support is packaged perfectly and delivered efficiently to its members.

...and when the Chief Exec’ refers to Switch as being “part of the NSCC family”,
you can assume we’re doing a good job!

To find out more, call us on +44(0)121 233 2727 or email Richard.