Global branding to promote world class standards.

When eight of Europe’s utilities giants embarked on a joint mission to promote the continuous improvement of standards in the coal supply chain, they came to us first for ideas.


Theirs was a global proposition. They needed a name and an identity that would serve to brand the initiative with confidence, and a positioning statement that would set their agenda with clarity, regardless of language or cultural barriers.

Our challenges; to create a brand that allowed the initiative to operate with autonomy, and to coordinate the project with 16 multi-national representatives of the eight partners. Breakfast meetings were held in Paris, working lunches took place in Dusseldorf and midnight oil was burnt in Berlin.

Back in Birmingham the Switch team developed the branding along with user-friendly guidelines and a suite of marketing collateral, culminating in a world-class web site that clearly communicates the Bettercoal mission whilst providing the portal through which the initiative could conduct its public consultation efficiently.

Designing identities, building websites. Helping to save lives.

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