Engineering the right connections.

IET Connect, the benevolent fund for past and present members of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, came to us in their time of need.


Research had shown that very few IET members were aware of IET Connect. In order to generate more enquiries and to help beneficiaries make the right choice for accessing targeted support, the organisation required a brand overhaul and a co-ordinated awareness campaign.

Having seen the results of our RAF Benevolent Fund campaigns, IET Connect approached Switch. No pitch, no tender. They knew that we knew what needed to be done, and knew we could do it.

We re-crafted the brand, positioning it with renewed purpose and clarity, then prepared a campaign that called on powerful imagery and messages from beneficiaries to engage the target audience and articulate the IET Connect offer.

A multimedia mix of print, exhibition, video and digital was deployed to make sure all potential beneficiaries got the message, whether in their working environment or at home. Results so far have exceeded expectations with an increase in requests for support, particularly from younger members, and direct contact via the advertised Helpline.

Need reconnecting to your audience? Just flick the Switch.

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