Giving LTC the TLC it deserves.

The Licensed Trade Charity exists to look after people and their families who work or have worked in the licensed drinks trade, from kitchen and bar staff to managers, licensees and owners.


The trouble is, not a lot of people know that. Which is why we were initially given the remit to drive engagement with support agencies such as the Citizens Advice Bureau who refer people in need to the Licensed Trade Charity for advice and support. We undertook a qualitative research project to fully understand their perceptions. Armed with rich insight, we created direct mail, brochures, press adverts, exhibition materials and targeted email campaigns. We created a new image library and evolved the visual style to make the charity more relevant to its target audiences, and our work has delivered better understanding and new partnerships for the charity.

An example of good engagement was the telephone befrienders recruitment campaign in which we used innovative and relevant voice-card direct mail, print and poster communications to attract volunteers from within the trade to help tackle loneliness amongst former licensed trade workers. When the campaign launched, 9 pub and brewery companies responded and agreed to support it by delivering the compelling message to their employees, and as a result LTC received its first telephone befriender application in just one week.

LTC needed to improve perceptions and engage better. We helped them to raise the bar.

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