Releasing the equity in the brand.

When an equity release specialist with a strong brand and reputation decides to expand its portfolio and reposition itself, who does it go to but the people who created its brand in the first place.


We were the obvious choice to help New Life Mortgages rethink their branding to reflect a new product offering and to appeal to a wider audience than the over 55 equity release market.

The original name ‘New Life’ was very relevant to the equity release market , but less so to the wider, younger audience. But with the name established and a desire to retain it, our first insight was to cunningly modernise it by simply making it one word – ‘Newlife’.

We then created a fresh new logo and a powerful supporting line ‘Home Related Finance’ which succinctly encapsulates the service offering, along with a new visual style and a set of striking images to populate a new suite of printed and digital marketing assets.

When it comes to branding, we see ourselves as a real asset.

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